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New Technologies

School SEK – Las Américas

The importance of New Technologies is unquestionable today. For this reason, immersion in the digital world is one of the priorities for the School, which not only contributes to this through the teaching of computer science, but also, integrating it as a transversal tool that serves to learn the rest of the subjects.

We are always innovating our equipment with the latest technology, suitable to work in programs such as graphic design.
The Programming and Robotics laboratories are equipped with DELL Touch Screen computers, as well as LEGO equipment, a 3D printer, Virtual Reality glasses, Ipads and Beebots (Preschool). They have the best educational software for both office automation, multimedia resources and graphic design (Adobe and Microsoft). Complementing these equipment is a multimedia projector and an interactive whiteboard, from where the teacher can project their explanations to facilitate monitoring by students.

At the School we offer Wifi connectivity in all its areas, with which students can make their queries to support class work, also allowing them to communicate with the schools of the SEK institution and with the rest of the world, through videoconferences and other communication tools used in classrooms.

All the use of computer media is controlled through a content filter, which controls that the use of the Internet at school is for a purely educational purpose.

We have digital whiteboards and wireless network technology, now all our classrooms have these whiteboards which allow teachers to teach their classes interactively.

The Tablets (IPAD’s) for our students as a class resource, allows them to organize and work with programs or APPS to complement their knowledge and make learning more entertaining.

On the other hand, we have our Google Classroom system and other interactive learning platforms that allow us to create online training and information, both for students and for teachers and parents, since the courses contain live chats between students and the teachers.

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