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School SEK – Las Américas


Study Plans-Playgroup
In this first stage, the first objective is the physical, intellectual, affectionate, social and moral development of the children.

  • To recognize their own body and their possibilities of action.
  • To acquire autonomy in their everyday activities.
  • To relate themselves with others and learn the rules of the elements in their everyday living.
  • To observe and explore their familiar, social and natural surroundings
  • To develop their oral communication abilities and initiate the learning of how to write and read.
  • To initiate themselves in the basic numeric abilities.


Educational Plan – Infant Education

In this stage, the recognition and comprehension of the immediate surroundings and the acquisition of basic procedure are offered to the children.  In addition, the basic tools to initiate primary education are the fundamental levels that we consider in the preschool development.

The importance of the infant education is due to that it is taught during the time in which the child assimilates the major stimulus of his surroundings and constructs the bases for his future formation.

From the initial levels, the children receive the opportunity to develop in English and in Spanish.  This they do by articulating the different areas that compose the curriculum that this education allows them to advance in with the necessities and demands of the actual society.

Middle School and High School

In this stage, we want to give the student vital experiences, significant learning and improve their oral and written expressions.  The main goals are to teach with happiness and liberty.  As educators, we mark ourselves in this circle.
The use of a great number of educational assistance and technology facilitates the acquirement of knowledge and will give them time and different opportunities so that they can participate and be the star of their own learning.

Study Plan – Middle School and High School

To facilitate to our students the reality of becoming men and women with open goals and a critical spirit, that is tolerant and respectful.

That our students become lovers of progress and culture is our main goal.

New educational initiatives will allow the advancement of the enriched rhythm of our students in a constructive surrounding and of effective motivation.

We will make emphasis on the following aspects:  The plans by projects, a regime of inter discipline and the intense study of the English language will facilitate the importance of multicultural.  The formation in values will continue being the main center of all the educational process.

As much as the educational progress like the correct behavior on campus, will be the basic norms in the process of selection and will continue to belong to all of the ones that make up the SEK institute.

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