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Dining Menu

School SEK – Las Américas

So that our students feel at home when they eat at the School, we take care of every detail:

Our own kitchen prepares, in a homemade way, menus adapted to each age being controlled by the Medical Department. Based on a healthy and balanced diet, being present daily, vegetables, dairy and fruits, fundamental foods in the growth of children.

The students are accompanied by their teachers and professors during lunch time, helping them when they need it.

The little ones celebrate their birthday with a special detail at the end of their meal and the older ones can choose between first and second courses and a wide range of salads in our “Salad Bar”.

In the afternoons, the little ones of 2 and 3 years old enjoy after a nap a snack service consisting of dairy products, juices and cookies. The 4 and 5 year old students alternate in their snack, dairy products, juices, cookies and a variety of snacks.

Likewise, we have for those students who require it, menus adapted to any type of allergy, intolerance or medical prescriptions that are supervised by the School’s Medical Department.

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