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School SEK – Las Américas

Because the health of their children comes first, the School has a Medical Department throughout the school day, conceived as a primary care and first aid service, and at no time does it intend to function as a pediatric consultation.

At different times during the student’s school stage, the Center makes available to parents a medical file that they must complete or update appropriately and that contains relevant information for the individual care of each of the students.

In the event that there is a need to supply any type of medication during school hours, a written request signed by the student’s parent authorizing it will be sent to this Department.

Also, for security reasons, students are not allowed to keep medication in their possession, either in their lockers, lockers, backpacks or desks.

It is also the function of the Medical Department to guide students, parents and teachers, through talks, colloquia and presentations, in matters related to school preventive medicine and the health of students.

The College doctor supervises the menus to ensure a balanced diet and coordinates the vaccination campaigns with the health authorities.

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