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Educational project

School SEK – Las Américas

The SEK International Institution, founded in 1892, is an educational organization that includes Infant
Education, Primary Education, Middle School and High School Education in its international schools. In
its superior educational levels, it has its universities.

All of the centers of the SEK International Institution are officially recognized in the countries that they are in. The International SEK Institutes at this time has 20 schools in countries such as: Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Hungary, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, South Africa, England, Mexico and The United States. It also has two universities in Chile and Ecuador.

Its aspiration is to offer an upgraded technological education, giving privilege to the tutorial system and international focus.
The educational project of the International SEK Institute defines the accomplishments of the following concepts:

  •  An educational project is a proposal to concretize, within specific activities, the objective of the
    education, which is the plain development of the human being. This is according to the desire of the
    United Nations and other international organizations, exposed to the Universal Declaration of the
    Human Rights and part of the Declaration of the Children Rights.
  • Education should measure the ways in which the teacher can reach the maximum knowledge of
    his students. These abilities make each person enhancing their unique potential.
  • This educational project contains three elements that are carefully assembled.

The definition of the character that will print itself within its education in the finding of its own
The design of the teaching process or the curriculum plan that has homework as a follow up for
learning that allows a recognition of the world and oneself.

The technological resources and functional characteristic that is required to build a cultural mood
that embodies the incorporation of the meaning whereas learning the meaning of accomplishment of
the desired conduct.

The SEK Educational Project is necessarily conditioned by a philosophical fundament. It is in part
a cultural development that embarks personal progress and social development. For the acceptance of the educational doctrine: education has values and it has the adequate technology so that those values integrate within the educator.

The SEK Educational Project recognizes as fundaments the liberty and the creativity of
intelligence, the order and the institutional social process, the ethic of assistance and respect to others. This will then transfer to students’ individual lives.

The character that the Institute wants to install in its students is referred to the SEK style. This
character refers to the aspiration of the distinguished individual that looks for the personal and social

The SEK curriculum supports itself on the plans and official programs of the states that have
adopted the Institution. Because of them, there should be constant accomplishments.

The method of the SEK Centers, that form the individual and group work, is diverse. It supports
itself on the tutorial model and on the application of the multi-media system. This personalized
teaching method allows a great support to the student, support in the human plan and assistance in the material plan. In the plan, that has harmony from the school texts, going through laboratories, sports, library, extracurricular activities, dining room, cultural classrooms and student residencies.

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